How to Apply Fake Eyelashes

For women with short and sparse eyelashes, false lashes seem like a godsend. False eyelashes allow a woman to look beautiful without adding boring daily eyelash growth product applications to their already lengthy beauty routine. These fake lashes are available in a variety of lengths and colors that are sure to suit the individual taste of the wearer. In fact, there are even false eyelashes in outlandish pastel colors. Some even have crystals and gemstones attached to the strands.How to Apply Strip False EyelashesOne type of fake eyelashes that is used by women today is the strip lashes. Strip eyelashes are best for women with short or sparse natural eyelashes with no bare spots or gabs between the lash strands. Good examples of strip lashes include Modlashes and Fashion lashes. The more glamorous types of strip eyelashes are Elise Lashes, Elegant Eyes, and Wild Lashes. Let’s say that you have already bought strip eyelashes. You are probably wondering how to put them on. Here is the procedure on how to properly apply strip fake eyelashes. 1. First and foremost, wash your face and eyes thoroughly with mild soap and then pat and dab dry. Put on all of your makeup, with the notable exception of your eyeliner and mascara. 2. Take the strip lashes and measure them against the length of your natural eyelashes. To do this, press the base of the fake lashes against the upper eyelash line. Trim the fake lashes if they are too long. It is best that the strip lashes are slightly longer than your regular lashes to give it a more natural look. 3. Squeeze a very thin line of eyelash adhesive on the base of one strip. Using the back of your tweezers, carefully remove all serum für lange dichte wimpern excess adhesive and smooth it out along the base. Let the adhesive dry partially for around 2 to 3 seconds. Before sticking the strip eyelash, make sure that you are holding it right side up, with the tips curling upward. 4. Using your fingers, gently press the strip eyelash at the very center of your upper eyelid right at the base of your natural eyelashes. Carefully press down on the strip, starting from the center going to your eye’s inner corner. Pressure should be applied for at least 5 seconds to make sure that the strip lash sticks. Finally, apply pressure to the other part of the strip lash, going to the outer corner of your eye. 6. Do the same procedure for the strip eyelash for your other eye. Wait for the adhesives in both strip lashes to dry completely. 7. To hide the fact that you are wearing false eyelashes, apply eyeliner on the upper eyelash line along the base of the lashes. Smudge the eyeliner carefully so that the color blends well with the lashes. 8. Finally, to blend your natural lashes with the strip lashes, apply two coats of mascara.

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